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Medical industry

In 2013, China Meheco incorporated the good assets of General Tianfang Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. and China General Technology (Group) Pharmaceutical Holding Co., Ltd. by assets reorganization and consolidation by merger.

After that, China Meheco's overall strength in the pharmaceutical industry was greatly enhanced. Production field covers chemical raw materials, biological raw materials, chemical medicine, Chinese medicine, natural medicine, pharmaceutical and health products and finished products; products contain 14 types including bulk pharmaceutical chemicals antibiotic fermentation and chemical synthesis tablets, injections, capsules and so on; the medicines involve antibiotics, medicines treating cardio-cerebrovascular diseases, medicines treating diabetes, antivirals, anti-infectious agents, gastrointestinal drugs, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, antiallergic agents, etc.; its production bases are located in Hainan, Shanghai, Hubei, Henan, Xinjiang and other regions. After the reorganization, the segment of pharmaceutical industry will be more differentiated, specialized, integrated and internationalized, focusing on the development of characteristic fields of antibiotics, antivirus, specialty botanicals, and chronic diseases.